• Testimonials

  • Robert G. Horvath

    Prospects of Gray Landscaping,

    When we were building our new home in Southold, we needed to renovate many parts of our landscaping. Being that this is not our primary residence, it was extremely important for us to be able to trust all of our contractors. Our builder suggested we use Gray Landscaping to design, build and maintain our property. With this recommendation, we met with Denis and had him prepare ideas on what could be done on our bluff as well as the other parts of our property. They came back with many suggestions and recommendations for plantings that work well with the combination of sandy soil as well as salty air. We had several meetings with Denis to discuss options and he always made himself available.

    When Super Storm Sandy hit, Denis checked on our home and property the very next day. Unfortunately, we sustained significant damage to the bluff, stairway and many plantings around our property. Again, Denis and his team designed new options that were more salt resistant then had been there previously as well as those that were deer resistant (necessary). He and his team worked quickly and diligently to complete the work and we are extremely happy with the end result.

    Gray Landscaping is professional, trust worthy, reliable and most importantly, honest. I could ask nothing more than this. I recommend them completely and without reservation and am happy to provide any reference they need!

  • Elizabeth T. Branch

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am delighted to write a letter of recommendation for Gray Property Maintenance and Landscaping, as I can do it without reservation.

    When we did a major rehab and addition to our house on Indian Neck Lane in Peconic, we used Gray to help us with a landscaping plan as well as with brick and stone work. One of our requirements was that we have a landscape plan that was as deer-proof as possible and in some areas incorporate the plant material we had. The plan that was designed suited us very well and everything was executed on time and in perfect shape.

    Since the initial installation, we have used Gray as our regular maintenance company. Denis, who is our major contact, has given us such wonderful service that I cannot say enough good things about him. Whenever we have a problem he has responded immediately. By problem, I do not mean with the work that the company performs, but with such major things as storm damage and cleanup to minor items like replacing dead or damaged plant material.

    On the whole, Gray has gone beyond routine service and it has all been done without delay and with graciousness. I highly recommend the company.

  • John McLane

    To Prospects Considering Gray Landscaping,

    My wife and I built a home in Peconic 12 years ago for weekends, holidays, vacations, and eventually, retirement. In the spring of 2015, as we began retirement, we switched to Gray Landscaping after using several other services over the years. Working with the Gray team has been more enjoyable and more productive than anything we have experienced in the past. Specifically, work gets done as and when promised. My point of contact, William Rodriguez, is attentive and responsive. We meet without difficulty regularly and without a lot of difficult scheduling to discuss and plan ideas and projects. William has stopped by to check on our property and chat about new ideas, next steps in planned maintenance, and our general satisfaction with work and the appearance of our property.

    Our most recent project has been to plant a field of blue stem grass. While challenging on a variety of fronts, I have found William and his team at Gray to be responsive and collaborative as we are all working through something that is new to everyone. We created a plan, executed, monitor results and adjusted as needed. As we've worked through this project everyone has brought ideas and information to the table and we are well on the way to establishing our field of little blue stem grass.

    The ease in communicating with the Gray team at all levels has really made a big positive difference in what we've done on the last year and our property looks great to prove it.